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Features that makes it easy to send documents
for electronic signature

  • Electronic signature
    Sign with your fingerprint on touchscreens or with mouse on PC/Mac
  • NemID, BankID or websignature
    Sign digitally with NemID, BankID or with your finger/mouse on the screen
  • Several signers
    Documents can be signed by several people, either in a fixed (sequential) or free order
  • Reminders
    When documents are not signed, Visma Addo can send reminders
  • Text message and email
    Send a link to the document and reminders via SMS or email
  • Print driver: "Print to Addo"
    Install Addo Print driver and send documents directly for digital signature from Word, Outlook, Excel etc.
  • Web service
    Integrate existing IT solutions with Visma Addo
  • Your own logo
    Upload your company logo so that signers recognize your firm
  • Support
    Always ready to help you
Visma Addo signing

Electronic signature directly from Windows applications 

Electronic signature with Visma Addo is compatible with the majority of Windows applications. This means you can send documents directly to electronic signature from tools your are used to eg Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.

To couple Visma Addo with your Windows applications you need to install the Visma Addo printing driver, which we have called Addo Print. After installing Addo Print you will be ready to send documents to request signatures directly from Word and other Windows applications. 
By using digital signature you save administration time on sending contracts and agreements as well as on collection and follow-up processing.

Download Addo Print

Learn how to request a signature using Addo Print

Electronic signature from your IT system

With Visma Addo's free web service you can quickly, easily and securely send documents for electronic signature from your existing IT systems, whether it is loan agreements, financial statements, employment contracts or similar. You can also choose to optimize your despatching and collection process further by integrating Visma Addo's electronic signature engine directly into your existing IT solutions. We call it Visma Addo Enterprise.

Contact us today so we can discuss how Visma Addo can be tailored to your business processes. 

Tailor Visma Addo

We offer many features and possibilities integration to Visma Addo for customers with special needs. Visma Addo Enterprise is an integrated solution that allows you to tailor Visma Addo to your unique needs. With Visma Addo Enterprise you will have the opportunity to purchase the following features. 

Contact us and let us identify your needs, then the offer only covers what you need.

Optional extra features with Visma Addo Enterprise

  • E-Box
  • Data Collection
  • Extended support
  • Shipping Statistics
  • Template Center
  • Microsoft CRM integration
  • Individual application servers
  • Security with Windows AD
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • PDF templates

Text message or email

You choose whether your recipients receive a link to the digital documents via text message or email. This also applies when sending reminders.

Read more about sending reminders

NemID, BankID or websignature

Using Visma Addo's digital signature, you can choose whether to sign with a danish NemID, Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID or fingerprint/mouse directly on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Read more about the different ways to sign with Visma Addo

Attach appendix

There is often extra documentation attached, declarations, for example, to contracts or agreements. Visma Addo makes it easy to select which documents need to be digitally signed and which just need to be attached and sent.

Obtain signatures in minutes

If the recipient signs the contract or agreement right after receiving it you, as sender, will get the signed document in a few minutes in PDF format by email. The person who signed will likewise receive the signed contract or agreement so that all parties have identical documents.


You can choose when a reminder should be sent if your signers need a little nudge. The text of the reminder is optional and you choose whether it is sent by text message or email.

Several signers - same price

Sometimes, documents require the signatures of several people. Using Visma Addo's digital signature you can send the same document to several people to sign at the same time. Before sending you can select whether the document must be signed in a fixed order (sequential) or arbitrarily.

Save time and money

Visma Addo reduces everyday routine processes by making it easy to request electronic signatures on agreements and contracts. Customers digitally signs right away, and if they should forget, Visma Addo will automatically send a reminder. Visma Addo is the cheapest on the market and only self-service solution for sending documents for electronic signature.

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Digitally sign PDF

Get your PDF documents signed electronically by sending them with Visma Addo. Many of your important documents already exists as a pdf in your virtual archives. You can easily and quickly upload PDF files to and request a signature fromo one or more recipients. Using Visma Addo it is also possible to send other file formats for electronic signature, including Word and Excel documents. This is done by installing Visma Addo's printing driver, Addo Print. When a document is signed, it is converted automatically into one single PDF, which is returned to you - ready to be stored digitally in your own system.

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