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Using digital signature our customers optimize their workflows

With Visma Addo digital signature our customers have replaced manual signing and document handling and achieved significant savings in terms of efficient workflows and reduced time consumption. Time and resources can be spent on value adding tasks rather than administration.

Digital signature likewise reduces our customers' paper consumption on contracts, employment agreements, financial reports etc. and protects the environment.

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Visma Addo
– a SaaS solution

Visma Addo Digital signature is the latest addition to Visma's portfolio of SaaS (software as a service) solutions. Visma Addo is combinable with a range of Visma's existing products but is equally easy to integrate with your existing output management solution, for example.

Visma is one of the Nordic region's largest IT companies with more than 7000 employees and 500,000 clients and is a leader in the field of SaaS and cloud solutions.

Bird & Bird

The global law firm Bird & Bird streamline the often time-consuming work of obtaining signatures from their clients with the help of digital signature from Visma Addo.

"Visma Addo reaches everyone, even the busy business traveller or all the members of a board of directors. Using Visma Addo we receive digital signatures quickly, easily and above all, professionally. Efficient and effective, for both us and our clients”

Jesper Langemark
Partner, Bird & Bird

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Bird & Bird increase the efficiency of their firm by offering clients a simple and easy way to sign agreements digitally. Clients can digitally sign contracts, agreements, financial reports, protocols and more on their preferred platform and in their own time.

Visma Addo supports the entire signing process and handles sending, reminders and final distribution of the signed documents, saving Bird & Bird a lot of administrative time.

Bird & Bird is a global law firm with clients in more than 118 countries and employing more than 1000 legal advisers.

Aon reference | Digital underskrift | Visma Addo


Increased response rate of 33 %

Aon's clients enjoyed huge success with their mobile campaigns targeted at young pension scheme subscribers. The campaign was run with Visma Addo Enterprise and the aim was to increase the response rate by being both modern and offering a digital signature option.

"At the end of the campaign we had a response rate between 25 and 30 %, which is far more than we usually experience with an old-fashioned information meeting. And we saved time, ours and the clients', because we had no need for individual advisory meetings"

Thomas Krogh Jensen,
former marketing director at Aon

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Pensions broker Aon chose Visma Addo Enterprise, when they decided to run mobile campaigns with a digital signature option. The campaign was directed at two of Aon's clients, with a combined membership of 2,700 employees, all of whom were about to switch to a new pension scheme.

Formerly, Aon would have had to book meetings with all 2,700 employees but with so many employees this would have been an enormous undertaking. With Visma Addo's mobile campaign and integrated digital signature, Aon saved time and money for everyone involved. The savings were achieved because many pension scheme subscribers received and signed the agreement digitally, and because many previously manual processes were automatised. That people received the agreements where they were and on their preferred platform also contributed greatly to the success of the campaign.

Association of Danish Pharmacies

To reduce manual processes and eliminate errors, Association of Danish Pharmacies acquired a dynamic self-service website built on Visma Addo Enterprise. On the website, the pharmacist can select the contract or agreement to be filled out, complete it and send it to their employee for digital signature.

Using Visma Addo Enterprise saves Danmarks Apotekerforening time and resources, because the manual administrative workflows are now automatic, avoiding, for example, errors due to manual entry or illegible handwriting. The solution is estimated to pay for itself through savings in under a year.

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Today, with the self-service website and digital signature, the pharmacist completes the contract or agreement and clicks send. Visma Addo creates a document that is automatically sent to the employee to sign digitally using NemID. When the employee has digitally signed the document, it is sent to both parties and to the Apotekerforening's backend system for further processing.

With 220 pharmacy members and 5,700 employees, it was a major task for both Danmarks Apotekerforeningen and the individual pharmacy when a new employee was taken on. It was a process involving a lot of communication between the Apotekerforening administration and the individual pharmacy – which today has been considerably reduced.

Danmarks Apotekerforening logo | Digital underskrift

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