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Digital signature

Using Visma Addo your clients receive your documents via email or text message and digitally sign the document right away. After the document has been digitally signed, it is automatically sent to both parties. With Visma Addo you can have a signed document returned in a few minutes.

The cheapest solution on the market

Visma Addo is the cheapest solution on the market for digital signature of documents. We have a simple pricing model and you only pay for documents that are signed.There is no binding subscription.

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Create value with digital signatures

Every day, companies issue thousands of documents (contracts, agreements etc.) for employees and clients to print, sign, scan and return. A manual process that makes daily administration more time-consuming and expensive than necessary.

Using digital signature from Visma Addo you can quickly, easily and safely streamline and digitalise your signing procedure. You save time and money, while giving your clients a better, more modern user experience.

Save on administrative expenses

Visma Addo is a digital signature service in which the signing process between two or more parties is completely digitalised. The solution makes the signing process quick and easy for clients, but also for you and your company. Clients experience a modern solution that allows them to digitally sign documents anywhere and at any time - on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

To make it easy we will give you the first three documents free, so you can see for yourself how easy Visma Addo is.

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