As per 1 January 2014 all companies not currently using ACF to report holiday allowance for hourly paid and terminated employees are obligated to report via Feriepenge.dk. Information on holiday allowance and days are reported via eIncome (SKAT) to Feriepenge.dk. The information which is currently reported to ACF will be reported to Feriepenge.dk via ACF.

You will be contacted by your Payroll Consultant if we need futher information with regards to configuration the payroll system to this new report to Feriepenge.dk.

Information reported to Feriepenge.dk can be seen via TASTSELV on virk.dk. The emp0loyees are via TASTSELV on borger.dk able to view their funds receivable as reported via ACF and Feriekonto.

The above is applicable as per the income year 2014.

A simple way to save money

You can save money on your fee if you are able to provide the monthly input at the beginning of the month. Please contact your Payroll Consultant if this is an option for you.

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