Vismas Newsletter for Payroll and HR, Q3 - 2014

This newsletter presents the recent changes, deadlines and information regarding payroll and HR matters from Q3 – 2014 of interest to small entrepreneurs and up to large international groups.

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Taxation of employer paid fines 

If an employer pays a fine / compensation for an employee, the employee shall be taxed. If this is not done, the employer is liable for the lack of tax withheld.

User payment, company car

The basis for the taxation of company cars, described in the Danish Tax Assessment Act § 16 sentence 4, is that the company pays all costs for the company car; this also applies to fuel costs.

If the employee pays for the fuel directly to a gas station, it does not result in deduction or tax credit.

The employee can only get a tax deduction if the costs of the gas are paid from the net salary.

The Holiday Fund

Be aware that old holiday pay from 2012 shall be paid to the Holiday Fund within the 15 November 2014, unless you have a written agreement with the employee stating that the holidays should be transferred.

The payment must include information about:

  • SE / VAT number (Danish “CVR-nummer”)
  • Qualifying year
  • Civil registration number (Danish “CPR-nummer”, name, number of vacation days and amount (specify if the amount is taxed)

If you are bound by an agreement, the payment of old holiday pay is depending on the content of the agreement.

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