What does Danish Government regulations mean for you as a Visma Enterprise customer?

We can help you with reimbursements and we can help you with the payroll process if your payroll administrator gets sick. You can also easily decide to defer the payment on your Tax and Labour market contribution in Visma Løn. If you have to send your employees home due to illess - Corona or not, we can help you to get the correct salary compensation. We also have a solid business continuity plan should we be affected by corona. You can learn more here in this site. If you need guides, you can find them on our customer forum, Visma Community

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Salary compensation plan

The large aid package, which the Danish government presented March 15th, 2020, will secure both companies and employees. Get information on what is in this aid package and what it means for your payroll administration.

What does Visma Enterprise do?

In Visma Enterprise we have set up internal guidelines, which means that we can continue with our planned activities - however the activities will be much more in digital way. Read more her.

Deferred Tax and Labour market contribution

The Government has decided to extend the deadline for Tax and Labour market contribution by 4 months, and it is also possible to divide the payment into several installments. Get help to the related changes in Visma Løn, or find the guides on, how to change the payment deadlines. 

Do you need some extra help?

Has your business been affected by illness? We want to help the Danish companies in this difficult time. That's why we offer consultancy assistance on all our products. Read more here, or call us on +45 40 37 82 86 to get more information.

Employees that have been sent home

Get an overview in Visma HR over the employees that have been sent home so you can apply for the correct salary compensation. 


Mit Visma - Distance Management

Distance management can be difficult. Especially if you are missing the proper tools to get the necessary overview. With 'Mit Visma' you can give the access to the important information to the managers and HR department, which can be used for necessary and strategic decisionmaking. Hear about 'Mit Visma'.



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Do you need HR- or payroll assistance?

Has your business been affected by illness? We want to help as many companies as possible through their daily operations in this difficult time. That's why we offer consultancy assistance and temp operatoins on all our products. For example, we can easily help, fully or partially, should you need it.



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