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Survey and eCertificate Solutions

Achieve maritime succes

Benefit from using our standard solutions for handling of Survey and Electronic Ship Certificates and Seafarer Certificates. If your authority does not have a Ship Register solution, we make one.


In the Survey and Ship Certificate solution, the flag state surveyor issues survey reports and electronic certificates. The Ship Owner access his own certificates, reports and data with logon and authentication. The Maritime Authority, the surveyor on site, crew aboard the vessel and the Ship Owner all see the same electronic certificate. And the certificate is digitally blocked against fraud.

Part of the solution is a Survey Application used by surveyors on site. It is fully functional even without Internet connection.

The surveyor has a complete overview of surveys, he has to carry out. This includes standard phrases, meeting information, type of survey, ship data, owner data, deficiencies, checklists, validity of certificates, previous reports, themes, legislation and guidelines and history.

If several surveyors carry out the same survey, they can all access and write each part of the same report. Upon synchronization the parts merge together into a single report and is ready to be presented at the hearing on board.

Only relevant information is shown to the surveyor, he saves time in preparing the survey.

The core of the solution is the data and documents platform. The Maritime Authority maintains the filtration of certificates per ship type, checkpoints, standard phrases, guidelines, themes and legislation at this platform. The platform meets requirements of survey planning, booking of surveys and reports with statistics. The benefits of the platform include a high degree of self-maintenance done by the authority, thereby reducing dependence on an IT supplier.

Certificates are issued and signed digitally on board or at the office. As soon as the survey report is finished or the certificates are endorsed or issued, they are available to all parties. Port states can check the validity of certificates at the website of the Maritime Authority.


In the Seafarer Certificate solution, the seafarer apply for a certificate via a website module. The application is placed automatically in the platform, where the administrative staff is handling it. The solution has a smooth issue module and storage feature.

10 Years of Excellence

Visma has more than 10 years of experience with maritime solutions with a secure foundation. We deliver the leading fishery control system worldwide. We have been working extensively with the Danish Maritime Authority to keep them at the forefront of utilizing innovative digital solutions for administration, customer service, mobile workforce support and more.

It is recommended by IMO to use electronic ship certificates

The guideline from IMO on electronic ship certificates (FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.1, Annex, page 1, 2 and 3)

Danish Maritime Authority

The solutions for Surveys & Ship Certificates and Seafarer Certificates are based on our work for The Danish Maritime Authority.

The DMA solution

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