Danish Maritime Authority

Survey of ships and issuing of electronic certificates in an efficient and flexible solution

DMA in Search of Digitization, Efficiency and Customer Experience

DMA required that the surveyor must have a fast and easy to use application with information on the surveyed ship and the possibility to create and issue a survey report offline. It was a challenge to trim the ship types and survey types as international and national regulations lead to many different requirements. The survey solution meets all the requirements.

The surveyors were used to manual and time consuming processes while preparing and performing the survey. The process of finding the template for the right certificate, issue the certificate and making sure, that all the users had the correct certificate, was time consuming and inefficient.

Benefits in the solution

With the solution, the DMA maintains all standard phrases, guidelines, legislation, themes, check lists and certificates per ship type and survey type. Thus the DMA has a maintainable solution secured for the future. The solution also is a good planning tool for the administration in the DMA, as they can book surveys for the surveyors based on criteria such as different skills and geography.

The survey application does support new ship surveyors because all the planned tasks are listed with booking information, ship data, guidelines, certificates, reports, themes, standard phrases presented for the actual ship, and much more. Preparation of each survey is faster and easier for new surveyors, as all information is directly targeted at the specific task.

The administrators at the office not only have a better overview of the surveyors’ location, status, progress, etc. to serve the customers in the field, they can also issue administrative certificates from the office.

The solution has made survey and issuing of certificates more efficient and therefore cheaper – saving many hours every year.

About the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA)

The Danish Maritime Authority is part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and works to create safety at sea and growth in the maritime industries in Denmark. One of DMA's tasks is to oversee and carry out surveys on all ships sailing with the Danish flag, another is to perform port state control. DMA’s customers consist of ship owners and shipping companies.

DMA’s surveyors perform surveys on ships anywhere in the world and issue certificates to ships to give them different permissions, e.g. to have special kinds of cargo, a certain number of passengers, or in which waters, they can operate.

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